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Tips for Trips

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    Český Krumlov

    State Castle Czech Krumlov and the Castle Theater, with its architectural standard, cultural tradition, and expanse, ranks among the most important monuments of Central European region. In 1963 the town was declared an urban conservation area, in 1989 the castle became a National Monument, and in 1992 the entire complex was included in the List of World Cultural and Natural Heritage.

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    Karlovy Vary

    The spa has many curative therapy treatments. The treatment exploits centuries-proven thermal baths and drinking cures, as well as modern methods such as cryotherapy, floating, laser therapy, etc. A classic spa treatment and wellness can be enjoyed in Carlsbad sanatoriums and hotels.

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    Kutná Hora

    Kutna Hora is due to a number of important buildings and sites since 1995 a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Jewel is a five-aisled Gothic Cathedral Church of St. Barbara. The temple was built as a representative of a large building, initiated by the rich burghers of Kutna Hora. Architecturally, the temple boldly compete Prague cathedral. We recommend you also visit the ossuary in the church in Sedlec.

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    Konopiště is located about 45 km from Prague and is wellknown for its fascinating collection of old weapons and furniture.
    The castle was founded in the 13th century. the model of French fortresses, with cylindrical towers, with a moat, 4 gates and a drawbridge.

  • Karlstejn.jpg


    Gothic castle founded in 1348, occupies among Czech castles exceptional position. Karlstejn was built by Czech King and Roman Emperor Charles IV. as a place to store royal treasures, collections of holy relics and crown jewels.

    In 1355 Charles IV. stayed at the castle, supervised the building and decoration of interiors, especially the castle chapels. The castle was completed in 1365, when it was consecrated Chapel of the Holy Cross in the Great Tower.

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